Monday, September 29, 2008

Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 4 TOC and Volume 3 Honorable Mentions

First off, one of the things we look forward to when it comes to the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror are the honorable mentions list. Using my secret stalker powers (actually I blame Mike Allen), here are the ones that made it from Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume III:
  • "Hamog" by Joanna Paula L. Cailas
  • "The Datu's Daughters" by Raymond G. Falgui
  • "Pedro Diyego's Homecoming" by Apol Lejano-Massebieau
  • "In Earthen Vessels" by Rodello Santos
  • "Sidhi" by Yvette Natalie U. Tan
  • "The Ascension of Our Lady Boy" by Mia Tijam
Edit: Filipinos who made it to the short-list but not necessarily in Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 3:
As far as Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume IV goes, Dean has posted the TOC and breakdown (50-50 split of male/female authors and 17 authors who weren't published in the previous volumes):
  • A League of Champions by Ronald Cruz
  • A Retrospective on Diseases for Sale by Charles Tan
  • All We Need is Five Meals a Day by Jose Elvin Bueno
  • Beats by Kenneth Yu
  • Breaking the Spell by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
  • Breathing Space by Maryanne Moll
  • Dino's Awesome Adventure by Carljoe Javier
  • Dreams of the Iron Giant by Joseph Nacino
  • First of the Gang to Die by Paolo Jose Cruz
  • From Abecediarya by Adam David
  • Haya Makes A HUG by Erica Gonzales
  • Hopscotch by Anne Lagamayo
  • Mang Marcing and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Vincent Simbulan
  • Parallel by Eliza Victoria
  • Press Release by Leo Magno
  • Revenge of the Tiktaks by Noel Tio
  • Sky Blue by Celestine Trinidad
  • The Dance of the Storm by Isabel Yap
  • The Day That Frances, The Copywriter, Became God by Monique Francisco
  • The Maiden's Song by Kathleen Aton-Osias
  • The Paranoid Style by Sharmaine Galve
  • The Rooftops of Manila by Crystal Gail Shangkuan Koo
  • The Secret Origin of Spin-Man by Andrew Drilon
  • The Sewing Project by Apol Lejano-Massebieau


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