Thursday, May 01, 2008

You Think Your Life Is Boring?

Last week, I watched my first movie for the year. I couldn't resist the Jackie Chan and Jet Li team-up. Yes, The Forbidden Kingdom had its fair share of plot holes and mixed messages (so it's not okay for the girl to get revenge but it's okay if it's the guy?) but overall, I enjoyed it. It was funny and I appreciated the monkey king allusions (including the hairs). But what caught my attention the most is that while this isn't strictly a "fantasy" film, it has all the right elements of one (and even has a D&D-esque party minus the wizard).

Tonight I watched Iron Man. It wasn't perfect but it's close. It hit all the right beats, whether you're a comic fan or a casual viewer. And perhaps the important thing is that it sets your expectations. I mean we all know this isn't going to be some big soap opera or romance or -insert other genre here-. This is a superhero movie and it accomplished that and more. That and Robert Downey's acting is amazing.

Oh, as for the boring part of my life, well, aside from actually taking the time to leave the house only in April, I was all by my lonesome when I was watching these movies. Well, I've filled up my two movies a year quota, it's back to the crypts.

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Anonymous said...

What?! You're not going out to watch Indy 4?! :o