Monday, May 12, 2008

Short Commentary On My Previous Two Reviews

I was going through Amazon looking for book covers of The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy and the "Better Together" recommendation was to buy The Starry Rift along with it. I absolutely support this recommendation and here's my suggestion to make the reading experience smoother:

Buy both books and alternate reading stories from each anthology. For one thing, they both contain sixteen stories each but another reason is that they complement each other well in my opinion. The stories in Datlow's anthology are heavy and long and a tad bit dark (akin to running a marathon) and while Strahan has his fair share of heavy stories in The Starry Rift, several of them are light and short and optimistic (your daily 10 km. jog is perhaps a closer analogy). It'll highlight the strengths of both collections and gives you some breathing room.

(Of course what happened in reality was that I dove into The Starry Rift and only after finishing it [because I don't like juggling books] did I read The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy.)

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