Wednesday, February 21, 2007


In grade school, I looked forward to Wednesday, mainly because we were dismissed from class by lunch time (we called it a "half-day"). Xavier stopped that practice a few years ago although Ateneo still has their half-days, except it falls on a Friday (TGIF!).

Wednesdays, I think, is a day in the week that people should look forward to (no it's not pay-day, although it will be next week). Wednesdays is usually when the new movies come in and replaces the old set (because of this, a particular movie might be shown earlier here in the Philippines compared to other countries).

Before Comic Quest, Filbars usually displayed the latest comics on Friday. However, the new stocks were originally released by Wednesday in the US and Comic Quest has typically tried to emulate that schedule, bringing in the newer batch by Wednesday evening barring any complications.

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