Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An Aside

Occasionally, I'd get asked some friends and acquaintances if I know any good artist (insert what kind of style you're looking for here) for a comic they plan on making. The good news is that the Philippines has a lot of great artist. The bad news that's not the only question you're supposed to be asking.

Do I know any good artist? A lot. Do I know any who can meet deadlines? In all likelihood, the ones I know are probably taken (or busy with their own projects). That's the disparity, I think. I might theoretically know a hundred artist yet only ten percent of them can submit a comic on time (unless you know, you're paying them really really high or you're a foreign comics company). Of course you can expect that these ten percent are those already out in the field, hired by someone else or releasing their own comic.

Yes, this is one of those posts wherein the author is begging to be proven wrong.

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