Sunday, February 18, 2007

Election Season

It's finally here and one realizes it when the topic of discussion at the dinner table is politics. Who's running, who's not running, and what's changing in the status quo.

Also over the weekend, I've been receiving text messages from various entities about their political platform. And the radio seemed to be talking about boxer Manny Pacquiao running for political office but perhaps the bigger shock to me was crossing our street and seeing stickers of "Goma for Senator"--not that I have anything against actors/actresses running for public office of course. It's just becoming all too common (but is similarly an effective method) here in the Philippines.

My brother has also been pondering what the message on Binay's T-shirt means: "Best in Asia, 4th in the World." See World Mayor for the answer.

Oh, and I remember my political science teacher telling us what the Greeks called people ignorant of the political climate: idiot.

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