Thursday, February 01, 2007

Avatar Updates


Nickelodeon announced it will launch a new online game based on its super hot series Avatar: The Last Airbender next week on February 3. If that isn’t enough, they will also include a lot of other stuff to keep hardcore fans salivating until the third season starts later this year.

The new content, in the form of an animated online comic book from Avatar creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, will be revealed within a four-week online gaming event called “Avatar: Escape from the Spirit World” on a dedicated website,

To help them move forward in the game, players can tune into Nickelodeon on Saturday mornings in February, from 10 am to noon (eastern), and gather cheat codes that unlock the next level. During the final week of the event, on February 24, a special cheat code will be announced on-air which will unlock a special brand new Avatar short online, entitled "School Time Shipping.” Produced in the super deformed style of animation, which uses a style similar to caricature, this brand new short form content offers Avatar fans an opportunity to see their favorite characters in a whole new way.

The “Escape from the Spirit World” game will also be supported with an on-air promotional sweepstakes (in the U.S. only) featuring new winners each weekend over the four weeks of the event period, producing a total of 50 winners. Partners supporting the sweepstakes include Mattel, Paramount, Simon & Schuster, Tokyopop, THQ, Upper Deck and Lego.

From: Newsarama

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