Thursday, February 01, 2007

Taxi Ride

One of the more interesting anecdotes from last week (and I'm still busy busy busy! this week) was the taxi ride from Ortigas to The Fort. I was late (through no fault of my own of course) and since I didn't know how to get from where I was to the Fort (i.e. I haven't walked the distance), I hailed a cab.

The driver of course was pleasant enough. But there were moments when I wished I had just gotten a different cab. There was the time when we missed the fly-over (the US equivalent of the highway) in C-5, thus turning a 15-minute trip into 45 minutes of getting stuck in traffic. There was also the time when the empty fuel sign started blinking and the driver didn't bother refueling, claiming we'll make it in time (and we did). Although for a few moments, my heart stopped when the engine died in the middle of traffic (I thought it was due to the lack of fuel). It was quickly solved by pouring water into the engine. I never expected to feel the extent of Murphy's Law in one mundane taxi ride.

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