Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plug: The Alchemists of Kush by Minister Faust

The Alchemists of Kush by Minister Faust

About the Book:

The Alchemists of Kush is about two Sudanese “lost boys,” both who lost fathers to war and mothers to exile, both who were hunted and forced to become vicious hunters, and both who met mystic mentors who set them on the path of transforming themselves and the world.

One lost boy is Raphael Garang, who lives in a North American inner-city and is known to the streets as the Supreme Raptor. The other is Hru-sa-Usir, who lived 7,000 years ago along the Nile and was later known to the Greeks as Horus, son of Osiris.

 From Minister Faust:
If my novel enters the Amazon Kindle Top 100, I will donate $500 to ship university textbooks to the Doctor John Garang Memorial University in the nascent country of South Sudan. That university’s library has no books. I’ve already contributed to this international book drive by donating around 300 books from my own collection, running a radio and print story on the book drive, and designing a poster for it. South Sudanese university students need our solidarity to build their economy and democracy, and I’m proud to do what I can.





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