Friday, July 04, 2008

Podcast Focus: The Agony Column

Every Friday, I'll talk about a podcast or two that catches my fancy.

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Details: The Agony Column in itself is actually an impressive site as Rick Kleffel provides daily content, everything from book reviews, commentaries, and fiction/nonfiction pieces. However, as a podcast fan, the real gem for me is the daily podcasts that Kleffel produces. Even before podcasts became mainstream, The Agony Column has been providing audio content available for download. Kleffel covers all branches of literature, from fiction to non-fiction, and aside from interviews with authors, bookstores, publicists, and publishers, he also provides news reports, book readings, and event coverages. Speculative fiction fans also might want to tune in to The Agony Column because Kleffel has recordings of the regular SF in SF gatherings.

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