Thursday, July 10, 2008

2008/7/10 Tabletop RPG Podcasts

Every Thursday, I post links to various podcasts that deals with tabletop RPGs.

Tabletop RPG (Mostly)

General Discussions/Reviews/Everything Else

Actual Play Sessions


Ed Healy said...

Thanks for the links to Atomic Array, brother Tan. I hope you enjoyed the show! How'd you hear about us?

I saw your reference to ProBlogger. Great site, isn't it?

Charles said...


Still have to listen to the show, I'm a month behind when it comes to podcasts. =)

I saw you guys at

As for ProBlogger, I used to visit the site a long time ago but these days I'm too busy to do so.

Kris Johnson said...

Thanks for the link to The Secret Lair, Charles. I realize you're a busy fellow, but I hope you enjoy the show.

Charles said...

I've actually been listening to the show since episode 1. Just haven't been linking to it because most of your shows aren't RPG-related. =)