Monday, July 07, 2008

Plug: Sybil’s Garage Opening to Submissions on August 11th

From Matthew Kressel:
Sybil’s Garage will be opening to submissions for issue 6 on August 11th. I will be posting more specific guidelines soon, but as always, the magazine open to all types of speculative fiction, 5000 words or less. Strong character stories are our weakness, but surprise us!

We don’t see enough science fiction.*

Do not ever think the following:

a) “This is not a Sybil’s Garage story.”

You are wrong**. Give us a shot! We are actively trying to diversify both the slush pile and the types of stories we publish.

We welcome stories from non-white and non-Western point-of-views.

We look forward to your submissions!

* Less than 10% of stories we received for issue 5 were science fiction.

** Maybe. We can’t promise to like it.

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