Monday, December 17, 2007

CharleSATAN's Snarky Bibliophile Fights

It's Christmas, I'm biased, but I'll try to be entertaining (or failing that, just plain mean). Hopefully both publishers will not get offended. But seriously, buy all of the publications mentioned. At worst, they're great Christmas gifts that'll make you look smart.

Round 1: Expeditions Vol. 1 vs Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 3

Expeditions Vol. 1

Pros: It has a friggin' introduction by Neil Gaiman! And artwork by Leinil Yu!

Cons: 9 short stories for P500. And not all of those stories are that great.

Why You Should Buy It: If you're planning on participating in next year's competition, this is probably the type of fiction that the judges will like. The book has Neil Gaiman's signature on it ('nuff said).

Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 3

Pros: I'm in it. It's the biggest local speculative fiction compilation yet.

Cons: You can't get it at bookstores. It has an ad at the last page.

Why You Should Buy It: Get this book if you're a Filipino who wants to read sci-fi or fantasy without feeling guilty. Also, this book is cheaper.

The Final Verdict:

On one hand, you have a book that doesn't have my name on it. On the other hand, you have a book that does.

That aside, Expeditions costs P500 at least and gives you nine stories. Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 3 costs you P300 and gives you 21 stories. What's my point? I don't know, I'm not a math genius. All I care is that I'm a Neil Gaiman whore so I'm buying the former.

Round 2: Story Philippines vs Philippine Genre Stories

Story Philippines

Pros: It's huge!

Cons: It's huge!

Why You Should Buy It: To show everyone in the MRT that you're a literary snob and that you love reading.

Philippine Genre Stories

Pros: It fits in your pocket.

Cons: What does the publisher/editor know about fiction anyway?

Why You Should Buy It: If somebody asks, the cover is misleading enough that you can claim you're reading komiks.

The Final Verdict:

It's a David and Goliath fight! Story Philippines is run by an actual staff while Philippine Genre Stories is being published and edited by one man. But their dark secret is that they're both part of the Chinese publishing mafia. They're both graduates of Xavier! Do you think you have a choice? They've already monopolized the market!

Round 3: Salamanca vs The Kite of Star and Other Stories


Pros: It won a Palanca!

Cons: It's a novel!

Why You Should Buy It: Because it's a Philippine novel that's not required reading for class.

The Kite of Stars and Other Stories

Pros: It doubles as a romance collection because half the stories deal with either love or heartbreak.

Cons: You're only willing to pay for the cheaper version when the more expensive one is the only copy available.

Why You Should Buy It: It's a collection of local speculative fiction short stories that's not published by Dean Alfar himself.

The Final Verdict:

Who is the better Alfar? One is published by Ateneo University Press, the other by Anvil Publishing. Alfar, Ateneo, Anvil--all begin with the letter A. It's another conspiracy I tell you!


Ligaya said...

Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 3

{snipped the Pros, sorry XD}

Cons: You can't get it at bookstores. It has an ad at the last page.

Well, WHERE can I get it then? ^_^000 I've been looking for good, post-1986 Filipino fiction I can show my relatives abroad at the request of a cousin, and seeing as my family (well, mostly Mum and little sis) are married to National Bookstore and Powerbooks, I'm at my wits' end because I'm leaving for the holidays on Saturday but with no good, post-1986 Filipino fiction in tow. X_x Any and all help is appreciated; if you must post about it please do so. Thanks Charles!

Charles said...

Me and Banzai Cat are selling copies. =)

Anonymous said...

hahah panalo XD XD