Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm Behind on the News -- A Manga Cafe

Got this from Yoru: A manga cafe (it's been so long since I last heard from Flori!) in Makati! Near Makati Cinema Square.

Of course a few years ago, there was this Japanese "shop" at an undisclosed site in Makati (in H.V. dela Costa St. actually) which loaned manga and anime (on VHS tapes). Of course it wasn't an authentic manga cafe in the sense that it had tables and ambience... it was more like a small library (about the size of a convenience store) where Japanese patrons could do some shopping and browse through manga and rent the various VHS tapes.

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eva_guy01 said...

LOL, you are indeed so behind Charles. ^^

Been there too but the prices are pretty steep!

Read-all-you-can manga. When they say they have the latest manga, they mean it! No english translations.

Included in the service, one free drink and internet. Plus the cheery Filipina maids speaking little nihonggo. The owner doesnt know a bit of english or tagalog. :P

P200 - one hour

P500 - two hours

P750 - four hours