Friday, March 16, 2007

Freakiest Anime Moment

This is perhaps one moment I just have to share but will only probably be appreciated by a few.

This was back in high school, in the late 90's. Rurouni Kenshin was the craze back then and the movie (the long, boring one--the same one that aired in HBO; yes, HBO in the Philippines aired the Rurouni Kenshin movie) was just released. I managed to acquire a CD which had the theme song for the movie and it was a ballad that had a tragic feel to it.

Of course I was shocked when I found out who was singing it. It was by the band Animetal. Their name leaves little imagination as to what type of music they play. They're known for metal covers of various anime, sentai, and tokusatsu songs (including the spunkiest Sailor Moon song I ever heard). Animetal singing a ballad was about as shocking as learning one of the members of Korn converted to Christianity and started his Christian band.


Anonymous said...

Whoa~! Are you referring to "Towa no Mirai"? I didn't know Animetal sang that. I thought some other Japanese artist did. It's a heavy ballad and was my favorite for some time before. But it's not very surprising for a metal band like Animetal to compose such. If you're familiar with "Nothing Else Matters", it was done by Metallica.

Anonymous said...

The band is actually very talented and diverse. Even in the intros/endings to the Animetal albums are ballad-like. I'm just surprised they actually released a ballad under the Animetal name. - Charles