Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010 Links and Plugs

In other news, Jeffrey Ford enjoyed the Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards Comics Anthology. Here's the publisher/bookstore's website.

Also, Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 4 & 5 will be available at Wiscon courtesy of Prime Books.

I'm supposed to include this in the World SF News Blog but here's an advanced heads-up: a recently established site is the World Chinese-language Science Fiction Research Workshop which is focused more on the academic side of the genre. As for the Sky Awards, here's the full list of finalists. Also check out the 2011 Eaton Science Fiction Conference which will focus on global science fiction (there's also an impressive guest list which include Nalo Hopkinson, China Mieville and Karen Tei Yamashita).

Book launch!!!
Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

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Unknown said...

Hey Charles,
Just a quick note: it's Eaton, not Easton. :P

And that Lauren Beukes book looks really good. I've been meaning to read his other one (Moxyland), but haven't had the chance yet.