Thursday, March 18, 2010

3rd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards Links Part 1

I have some media files here.

First up is ANC's (local network) interview with Neil Gaiman up on YouTube: (Part 1|Part 2)

Edit: Rocket Kapre has some videos from the event.

And here are some files I uploaded:
  • Jaime Daez's introduction to the event. |MP3|
  • Neil Gaiman's introduction speech. |MP3|
  • Neil Gaiman reading an original poem. |MP3|
  • Neil Gaiman's speech on why he sponsored the event. |MP3|
  • Prose judge's criteria for picking the winning stories. |MP3|
And here's Neil Gaiman's feedback on the winning stories (MP3s also):

"A Kind of Flotsam" by Christelle Rhodamae Mariano
"Filipina: The Super Maid" by Irene Carolina A. Sarmiento
"Cherry Clubbing" by Kenneth Yu and "Remembrance" by Dean Alfar

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