Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Feature: Translated Speculative Fiction 2009

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I was honestly tempted to title this post "Essay: Why Stock/Inventory Articles are Important" and leave the rest of the page blank but I felt that would be cheating you guys and gals. Anyway, here are some translated genre books that have been released in 2009:

Underland Press: Debuting earlier this year, Underland Press is in many ways publishing a lot of cutting-edge fiction (just look at their catalog). One of the titles they acquired was Chaos, written by the Dutch couple Escober.

Chaos by Escober

Haikasoru: An imprint that was launched this year as well, Haikasoru (a play on "High Castle") focuses on Japanese fiction. In the past few months, they've managed to publish three novels, a short story collection, and reprinted two previous releases from its parent company, Viz. (Let's not even get started with what they have lined up for 2010.)

All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka

Usurper of the Sun by Housuke Nojiri

ZOO by Otsuichi

PS Publishing: Right now, PS Publishing is pretty much the source for English translations of Zoran Živkovic's fiction. They also published Sébastien Doubinsky's novel and while I'm not sure if Doubinsky's book was translated from French (edit: not a translation), it's still worth a look.

The Bridge by Zoran Živkovic
The Writer, The Book, The Reader by Zoran Živkovic

Impossible Stories 2 by Zoran Živkovic

The Babylonian Trilogy by Sébastien Doubinsky


Adele said...

I loved Lord of the sands of time. :)

sébastien doubinsky said...

I actually wrote The Babylonian Trilogy in English, but is true that I am French... ;-)