Friday, December 25, 2009

December 25, 2009 Links and Plugs

Finally, no work!

Merry Christmas!

It's got Anna Tambour!

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anna tambour said...

Thanks yet again, Charles! My little story nestles amongst many fine tales by such luminaries as the 2008 World Fantasy Award winner, Rob Shearman; and (just naming a few authors in recent issues) Felicity Pulman, Ian McHugh, Anna Repp, Jason Stoddard, Kaaron Warren, Ingrid Banwell, Stephen Dedman, Paul Di Filippo, Damien Broderick, K.V. Johansen and Katherine Sparrow. This really is a good publication, which is both amazing and disgustingly heartwarming. Coops aren't supposed to be able to do anything well, and ASIM is a cooperative.

Thank you also for all the work you put into your reviews and picks. You have made an excellent portal. Your arrangement of information is also very helpful, highlighting, for instance, Ursula Le Guin's resignation from the Authors Guild. I wish I had joined the AG for the pleasure of resigning, too, so strongly do I feel about the wrongness of their approach. Lost in history is the attitude of the US government towards the piracy of books in Russia and China. Now it's legal if the company is big enough, and based in the US. So is wiretapping, it seems. You might be able to get this issue more talked about. See Google Now Personalizes Everyone's Search Results by Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land. If you have your browser set to dump cookies at the end of each session (which you should), you have to reset the instruction not to personalize. Whatever the setting, however, this doesn't stop the tapping; only, as I understand, how much we can see about what we've seen.