Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology


One of my current projects is Lauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology. It's being published by Lethe Press and will be released in August 2012, although you'll find early copies at Readercon. Thanks to my publisher Steve Berman for making this project possible.

To my readers, thanks for supporting me these past few years. Without you, I wouldn't be here. I hope you'll support me once again in this project. Lauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology is important to me because it's giving voice to a group that not often gets a voice (and in that, I'm proud to be published by Lethe Press, which has also given opportunities and voices to diverse groups). Some of the writers in the book are veteran Filipino authors. Others are new. But this is the first time that the Filipino-Chinese experience is filtered through the speculative fiction lens and collected into an anthology. And unlike our locally-published speculative fiction titles, you can order print copies of the book from major retailers and bookstores, as Lethe Press has global distribution.

Here's where I'm asking for your help:
  • Pre-order the book, purchase it upon release, or special order it from bookstores.
  • Spread the word about the book through the various social networks like blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, etc.
  • Review the book (either before the release or after... I can email PDFs [yes, I know it's not the most optimal eBook format so apologies for that] to prospective reviewers) or contact me for interviews, guest blog posts, etc.
If you need to contact me, I can be reached at charlesatan[at]gmail[dot]com.

Here's the cover copy:
Filipinos and Chinese have a rich, vibrant literature when it comes to speculative fiction. But what about the fiction of the Filipino-Chinese, who draw their roots from both cultures? This is what this anthology attempts to answer. Featuring stories that deal with voyeur ghosts, taboo lovers, a town that cannot sleep, the Chinese zodiac, and an exile that finally comes home, Lauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology covers a diverse selection of narratives from fresh, Southeast Asian voices. 
And the Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • "Two Women Worth Watching" by Andrew Drilon
  • "Ho-We" by Erin Chupeco
  • "The Chinese Zodiac" by Kristine Ong Muslim
  • "Pure" by Isabel Yap
  • "Dimsum" by Christine V. Lao
  • "August Moon" by Gabriela Lee
  • "The Captain's Nephew" by Paolo Chikiamco
  • "The Stranger at my Grandmother's Wake" by Fidelis Tan
  • "Chopsticks" by Marc Gregory Yu
  • "Fold Up Boy" by Yvette Tan
  • "The Tiger Lady" by Margaret Kawsek
  • "The Perpetual Day" by Crystal Koo
  • "Cricket" by Kenneth Yu
  • "The Way of Those Who Stayed Behind" by Douglas Candano 
And here's an advanced review from Publisher's Weekly.


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