Monday, May 16, 2011

Plug: My Books in Print 2010/2011

The problem with plugging other people's books is that I seldom get to plug mine. :) And the problem with a lot of my stories being in print is that people can't read them online (I do have one story, "A Retrospective on Diseases for Sale", up on Anna Tambour's lovely website [check out the other stories there]). And promoting my print publications is a bit problematic mainly because a lot of my readers are in the US while my books are only available here in the Philippines (believe me, I wish I was popular here but that's not the case).

Recently however, I did mange to get two books published in the US recently (well, one last year and one this year):

The Dragon and the Stars edited by Derwin Mak and Eric Choi

21st Century Gothic edited by Danel Olson

Did I mention that my fellow contributors in both books are awesome? (The Dragon and the Stars is fiction while 21st Century Gothic nonfiction.)

With regards to 21st Century Gothic, editor Danel Olson wrote to inform me that the book is also available in the following libraries (so you don't have to buy it, you can borrow it):

Uni of Auckland, NZ
Uni of Melbourne, AUST.
Simon Fraser Univ, CAN
Uni of Toronto
Uni of Southern California
Ohio Uni
Uni of Wisconsin
George Mason Uni
Uni of Pennsylvania
Texas A & M
Uni of Texas - Austin
Washington Uni
Emory Uni
Indiana Uni
Rollins Coll
Iowa State Uni
Miami Uni
UNC-Chapel Hill
U of Illinois-Chicago
Notre Dame

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anna tambour said...

That is indeed a problem. I wish more people could read these books. I also hope you will consider writing more stories featuring Mrs. Wu. "The Fortunes of Mrs. Yu" in The Dragon and the Stars, is a story that would do credit to any anthology truthfully titled, An Anthology of Stories to be Marooned With. Mrs. Wu is as immortal as some of, say, James Herriot's characters, possibly because we recognise her though she is idiosyncratic and has her own DNA; and you've drawn her so concisely; your plot is also delicious.