Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bibliophile Stalker 2008

So I just woke up from sleeping in the couch--not the most comforting of experiences. Spent most of New Year reading books and listening to podcasts and then when it was time to sleep, there was non-stop fireworks for the next three hours. But aside from noise pollution, I had to contend with smoke since the house has this old design where smoke and insects are able to enter so I slept in the guest room, the one place where the windows were sealed. Anyway, Happy New Year!

Surprisingly, I have a couple of plans for my readers in 2008, and mostly it involves my Tuesday segment. As I announced last week, the weekly manga reviews are gone because I'm going to contribute regularly to Comics Village. What I'll replace my usual Tuesday segment will be a feature article on anything under the sun--hopefully something you'll enjoy and not to be confused with my essays every Wednesday.

P.S. Check out my review of Death Note Vol. 1 at Comics Village.

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