Wednesday, April 11, 2007


So I've officially disappeared from the Internet for the past few days, isolated myself in my room and spent hours and hours playing video games. As a kid, I wasn't really a bookworm (although I did read lots of magazines). I was into cartoons, comics, video games, and TV in general. I'm catching re-runs of Seinfeld on Star TV and there was this scene where Jerry starts dating a police officer and she introduces to him their lie detector. And then she asks if Jerry watches Melrose Place, the adult equivalent of Beverly Hills 90210. Jerry of course denies it, thinking that a guy admitting to watching it was a very guilty pleasure. Of course back in the day, I was watching Melrose Place (and that's where I first saw Heather Locklear actually, one of my two crushes in the show).

Anyway, I try posting last Monday and Tuesday, but the Internet at home didn't want to cooperate with me. And when I got to the office, it's work, work, work! (Which is as it should be.)

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