Sunday, May 08, 2011

Comics Every Thursday

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text by Charles Tan, art by Elbert Or
In what seems like a lifetime ago, comics was one of my active fandoms. It's actually how I met talented speculative fiction writers like Dean Francis Alfar or Andrew Drilon.

Anyway, over the weekend, I was managing the booth of "Comics Every Thursday" at this year's Metro Comic Con as my pal Elbert Or was preoccupied with his art school. Let me introduce to you to the comics (some old, some new) we were selling, as well as their creators:
All in Juan by Jonty Cruz and Gamo Tuano | Ninja Bear vs Robokat by Jonty Cruz and Javey Villones

Stories by Rob Cham
Time & Again by Ponci Soliongco and Niki Calma

DifficulTech by Amanda Bantug

Teks by Elbert Or, Arvin de Leon, and Kiko Dans

The Girl Who Turned Into a Fish by Mary Ranises and Fidelis Tan

Nailbiter by Fidelis Tan and Mary Ranises
Bellboy and the Hotel Universe by Arvin de Leon and Alex Sandoval

Also, here's the crew of Comics Every Thursday (alas, my iPod Touch doesn't really take good photos):

Meet Rob Cham! (Niki Calma's hidden in the left corner)
What Jonty Cruz and Gamo Tuano are willing to do in order to sell comics

Meet Amanda. Check out her comics at

Here's THE Budjette Tan (left) giving his seal of approval to Ponci Soliongco
Fidelis Tan holding a morbid comic...
Ponci Soliongco gives a sleeping Kiko Dans a thumbs up

We won't tell if you won't...
Fidelis stole someone's hat...
Not quite the Scooby Gang...

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