Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009 Links and Plugs

Today's the opening of the Manila International Book Fair!

And if you need some writing inspiration, you should read Matthew Hughes' (the writer!) keynote speech to the Surrey International Writers Conference. (And congrats to Mr. Hughes for signing with Angry Robot Books).

And not work safe but here's short fiction from Terry Bisson that you can read during your 10-minute break: "Billy and the Circus Girl" "Billy had a little dick. When he rubbed it, it got bigger."

The release is today!
Zoo by Otsuichi


Anonymous said...

At the Book Fair, will we find sci-fi fantasy books there aplenty or are we better off rummaging through NBS' Cut-price book sale?

Marianne said...

Charles, I really wish I could be there, most of all because I wish I could buy all the books you mention in your blog!

I need a BIG super-BIG favor because it seems my brothers are too busy to drop by the Book Fair, and I don't have a single copy of my book!!! I know I already owe you big time because you sent me Rogue Magazine! But if it is possible for you to pick up a copy of my book and I will pay you back! Or, would it be better if I asked Karina to give you my author copies? Wait, I think that's better! I'll e-mail Karina right now! Can you tell me where she can send the books???