Friday, May 15, 2009

Manuel L. Quezon III's Seven Days of Action Against the Book Tax

Lifted from Manuel L. Quezon's Twitter account:
A modest proposal, in seven installments: Seven Days of Action Against the Book Tax:

Day 1: Text/fax/postcard executive officials, supporting appeal of Rep. Locsin to the President to rescind book tax, and supporting, too, the NBDB resolution opposing the tax.

Day 2: Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper expressing your concern about the book tax. Demand coverage of the issue.

Day 3: Phone/fax/text a TV network about your concern about the book tax.

Day 4: E-mail UNESCO condemning the book tax.

Day 5: Two For One Day: recruit a Filipino friend to the Cause, and inform a foreign friend about what's going on so they'll raise the issue with their government. Sign the online petition too.

Day 6: Rule of Law Day: sign on to a lawsuit if the President won't listen to the appeal to rescind the book tax.

Day 7: participate in Rock Ed's Book Giveaway Activity, Baywalk, 3-6 pm May 24.


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