Sunday, March 01, 2009

Philippine Speculative Fiction IV Book Launch

I always look forward to book launches--especially speculative fiction anthologies--mainly because this is the most common way of connecting with fellow writers and fans. During the informal ceremonies, there was a point when I felt "old" (I'm 26) since some of the cute contributors were in their teens. Anyway, it was great seeing acquaintances and people I'm more likely to meet online rather than face to face.

I just finished reading the anthology and there were a few stories that caught my attention:
  • "The Secret Origin of Spin-man" by Andrew Drilon
  • "The Sewing Project" by Apol Lejano-Massebieau
  • "Beats" by Kenneth Yu
  • "The Maiden's Song" by Kate Aton-Osias
  • "From 'Abecediarya'" by Adam David
It's reading stories like these that make me want to compile them and start projects like The Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler. With the release of Philippine Speculative Fiction IV, there's around 34 speculative fiction stories that's been published this year so far (I'm keeping track of them here). In the coming months, new books that will have speculative fiction elements include A Time for Dragons edited by Vincent Michael Simbulan, a short story collection from Yvette Tan, and a book compiling four gothic novellas by Karl de Mesa.

Unfortunately, this good news is limited by the fact that readers outside of the Philippines won't have access to these texts (and it's not just "international" readers but includes ex-pats and Filipinos not residing in the country). Again, it makes me want to assemble a "best of" anthology for publication (in some form) next year.

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Kate said...

wow - you read it all already? I have to catch up! :)