Friday, December 28, 2007

Some Anime Musings

Steve Fritz over at Newsarama just posted his retrospective on the animation industry in 2007 (and raises some interesting points such as animation writers and the WGA). At the bottom, he ponders on the implications of the demise anime distributor Geneon and I do think it's a valid concern. I mean when Viz sent a cease-and-decease notice to various groups fansubbing Death Note, the reactions of some fans were furious--to the point that some declared that they'd never buy the originals from Viz (whether they're actually the type that buys originals to begin with or lived up to their threat, I don't know). Some even theorized that it was a money-grubbing tactic by Viz. Suffice to say, it was very much the dark side of fandom. (If you want my theory on why Viz sent a cease-and-decease notice, you can read about it here.)

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