Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Manga Review: Sexy Voice and Robo by Iou Kuroda

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I managed to stumble upon this title although its reputation preceded it to the point that I immediately bought it without thinking twice, fearing that someone else might grab it. Sexy Voice and Robo has this indy comic art and narrative flow to it that marks it unique from everything else on most manga shelves. It's a story about a youthful girl and her inadvertent sidekick who goes out to accomplish strange missions--a young modern spy story. But Kuroda manages to execute this not only with compelling and interesting characters but with refreshing concepts and art as well. Violence is kept to a minimum although there are various mature incidents and situations tackled. Ambiguity also marks this title and there's a lot of unresolved elements in this manga but at the end of the day, I don't really mind; it works nonetheless. I expect Sexy Voice and Robo would attract more of the indy comic crowd rather than the adrenaline-seeking reader. It's really a mature story about a coming-of-age of sorts plot and while there are moments where it might seem dragging, it's well worth it if you manage to stick with it. It's a welcome addition to your library if you're looking for something different but for more mass-market fare, you're better off with something else.

Rating: 4/5.

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Victor Barreiro said...

Note: that series doesn't have an ending.

You should also try watching the Sexy Voice and Robo live-action series. :)