Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Web as Tools for Education

From Tame the Web: Libraries and Technology

The School Library Journal has an article entitled A Little Help From My Friends: Clasroom 2.0 Educators Share Their Experiences and it has specific examples of how educators are maximizing their "Web 2.0 Tool of Choice" as learning aids such as blogs, social networking, wikis, podcasts, and social bookmarking.


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles,

Something you may find interesting that is related... UC Berkeley just launched a YouTube portal for their classes, essentially giving away some education.

The portal is here:

I totally recommend Physics 10: Physics for Future Presidents. I listened to the audio version and have a much better understanding of physics. I've even had some meaningful conversations with Graduate level physicists and felt I held my own. Needless to say I'm excited to see the video version released, as there was some data I couldn't get from the audio.

Charles said...

BTW Clyde, Courtney Brown teaches Science Fiction and Politics at Emory University. He has copies of the podcasts up at his website,

Anonymous said...

Hey Charles,

Thanks. I'm making use of the Statistics course on that page.