Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Filipino Slang: ST

This is a series of blog entries that will attempt to tackle various Filipino slang words that have their roots in English but have been appropriated for our own. I am no logophile though so if you have something to add on my subjective history, feel free to comment. Also, I am constantly looking for words to tackle so if you have suggestions, just leave a comment. Currently scheduled to appear every Tuesday.

Back in the relatively conservative 80's, some beautiful female celebrities started appearing in revealing ads and movies. Which isn't normally a big cause for concern if it weren't for the fact that said celebrities previously had a family-friendly reputation. One good example of this was Gretchen Baretto, a teen model who suddenly appeared in sultry films. She wasn't the last celebrity to do so however and this phenomenon was called sex-trip or ST for short. The term ST was so popular in the 80's that it was the basis of an infantile joke. The questioner would ask "Is the spelling of rust R-U-S-T?" and if you answered in the affirmative, you admitted to being a bold star.

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