Thursday, October 04, 2007

Education and Gaming

The Shifted Librarian has a couple of links (and a funny video) on the impact of games (sorry, video games, not tabletop games) and education:
At Learning2007 later this month, they’re going to do a Rapid Learning Game Experiment. While the exercise itself is fascinating, it’s the last sentence that intrigues me most (emphasis is mine).

“We are going to push Gaming for Learning Development to the max in an upcoming experiment. Here are the ingredients:

  • Take several undergraduate students from Champlain College’s Electronic Gaming & Interactive Development Program in Vermont and bring them to Orlando for Learning 2007.
  • Give them an assignment to create a Learning Focused Game, defined by a group of companies at Learning 2007.
  • Over the next 58 hours, in full view of 2,000 participants - with feedback every few hours - they will build an web based immersive learning game.
  • This learning activity will then be reviewed, edited and released into Open Source for the entire global community to use.

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