Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend Updates

I took a leave last Friday to finish a story I needed to re-write and perhaps the most noticeable thing is that I write best in the morning. Of course the problem with working a 9 am - 6 pm job is that you're always in a rush to get to work in the morning (either that or lose some sleep). Not to mention that between 10 pm - 8:30 am, I don't have Internet at home (blame PLDT).

It was also a sale at Robinsons Galleria last Friday and I treated myself by purchasing the entire stock of Eyeshield 21 manga at Comic Odyssey. Good news is that in addition to the 10% discount (because of the mall-wide sale), I also got one volume free. Also managed to acquire Museum of Terror Vol. 1 albeit a day before the sale.

Saturday was spent doing some last-minute downloading for Tin but unfortunately, my Internet conked out before it could finish the job. Of course I also spent the previous three days watching the first two seasons of Major, which made me interested in watching anime again.

Passed by to Robinsons Galleria (again) and I finally found out where National Bookstore Bestseller is located. It fascinates me though that out of the four floors of the mall, three of them are occupied by National Bookstore. It's nothing compared to how a few years ago, there were four Jollibee fastfood chains in the same mall (and two where in the same floor) but still.

Managed to complete the Gollanz SF/Orbitbooks UK of science-fiction novels since Bestsellers apparently was stocking the last three books I was missing in the collection (and was priced at less than P300 thanks to the sale).

Then it was off to a friend's sleepover birthday party where we managed to play Order of the Stick, A Game of Thrones, six hours of DotA, and ogled at Starcraft II.

But as the Peons would say, now it's work work! (Dabu.)


Thyalla said...

The whole of Eyeshield 21!!! O_O

*ponders if changing her habit of avoiding mall sales would be worth trying to find interesting, but cheap stuff*

Merric said...

How long did those games take you? :-)

Charles said...

Thyalla: Brides-to-be don't have that luxury. =)

Merric: Strangely enough, the five-player "medium" game of Order of the Stick took us 6 hours before we called it quits facing a 48 attack 48 defense Xykon. For A Game of Thrones, it was another five player game using the expansion but we weren't using the ports... took us three hours and had the most interesting results--Stark had King's Landing, Greyjoy lots its naval fleet and was wandering around the map, and Tyrell lost its main city... twice!

Merric said...

Sounds like a really fun GoT. :)

OOTS seems to take *way* too long for what it is.