Friday, May 04, 2007

If I Were To Make a D&D Home Video...

As I mentioned in my D&D blog, a shop near where I live was selling old D&D modules and boxed sets. Because some people wanted them, I managed to purchase a lot of them and they're just lying in my room gathering dust (don't worry, they're shrink-wrapped). While I'm waiting for money to come in so that I can ship them, I'm occasionally tempted to make a home video using those modules.

I'm not particularly attached to 1st Ed. D&D or AD&D. There's some videos circulating around of people wrecking new-fangled devices, everything from iPods to PS3's. I'm tempted to create a D&D horror video with me opening up a module and then tearing them page by page... and then feeding them slowly to a shredding machine (alas, we don't have one at home). Or maybe drowning those modules in water or something. Or feed them to a dog. Or use them as fodder for a camp fire.

To non-D&D fans, what would be the most horrifying way of "killing" a book?

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banzai cat said...

Catapult! Catapult!