Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Rain Stories

Reading a few blog entries, several people are bitching about the heavy downpour last night. I guess nothing signals the beginning of the wet season better than getting wet and without an umbrella.

The other day, I was walking home and there was this rain shower. Because of the winds, the tree of one of our neighbors was colliding with some wires (whether it's the eletrical wires or the phone wires, I don't know). Of course the wires seemed to have a strong current and whenever the leaves would touch it (every few seconds or so), I'd see it burn. It's a disconcerting sight until the leaf branch gets severed by too much contact and lands in our neighbor's yard.

So why this side-trek? Anyway, last night a similar thing probably happened except it wasn't the trees that got severed, it was our electrical wiring. So around nine hours ago, I didn't have access to electricity. It's only now, waking up early in the morning, that there's finally light.

There's only so much power outages my PC can take, however...

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feifu said...

umn... i'd suggest getting a UPS if you don't have one yet?