Thursday, December 21, 2006

Too Many Accessories

I'm not a fashion guy (I'm not metrosexual). Given the choice between practicality or aesthetics, I'd take the former any day. If I'm complaining about accessories, it's probably because the cyborg culture theory is catching up to me.

One of the legacies of the random bombings a few years ago is that mall security is still relatively strict. The strictest so far is still the Podium. There's an actual metal detector (or at least that's what it looks like it's suppoed to do) at the entrances in addition to the frisking. There's an occasional security dog from time to time (or is that Mega Mall?). I cannot stress how much of an inconvenience it is to enter the Podium because I have to unload all my electronics into a basket, and the amount of electronics I carry far exceeds the size of my palm.

First off are my two mobile phones, one for Globe, one for Smart. If I had a choice, I'd throw both phones into the ocean, but it's required for work (and for people who do not pay me but require me to produce the same output as work... some people know them as "family", others as organizations, clubs, friends, and my current gaming group).

Second is my Creative Zen: Vision M mp3 player. You'd be surprised at how much my output has doubled because of the thing (not because it plays music but how I can listen to PodCasts and videos while waiting for meetings, as well as acting as a voice recorder). Oh, and I can view porn on it too (but alas, it does not allow me to read e-books or manga) assuming I owned porn to begin with.

Third is my flash drive. I used to place it in the same pouch as my mp3 player (since it's easy to loose that tiny device) except I just bought a 4 GB model the other day (I'd buy the 16 GB model if somebody would actually import them to the Philippines) and it came with a strap. While I eschew the wearing of ID's, the same cannot be said for flash drives. So now I have a flash drive dangling by my neck (and making sure it does not get tangled with my earphones).

Somebody should write a fashion article on tech accessories. I'm not yet one of the borg, but you know what they say, "resistance is futile".

I'm just waiting for somebody to import e-book readers so I can read porn my manga and my pdf files on the go.

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