Friday, December 15, 2006

Internet-less Limbo

Almost two weeks now since the home DSL has gone down. And yes, it only works when it rains. So if you had a choice of getting PLDT/SMART DSL or something else, I'd choose the latter.

On a side note, it's my last day of work, so I'll be virtually free next week. If anyone wants to meet up, I'm a text message away. I can also bring your Christmas presents like a skinny Santa Clause.

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Unknown said...

yo! thessa, cecille, sol, jasmine and i will be meeting each other on the 22nd dec, fri from 1pm onwards at gateway mall. just post a reply on my lj if you want to meet up then. ^_~

.... or this monday, 18 dec. tin, em and i will also be meeting. not sure where and what time. all i know it's after work so that'll be early evening w/dinner. again, post a reply on my lj or txt me. you can get my number via my post at the read or die lj community. ^^"