Friday, March 30, 2012

Plug Plug Plug

I'm going out on a limb here—and it won't be the last time, as I'll hopefully have some positive announcements to make, next week—and make two work-related plugs.

One is we published an eBook of Eliza Victoria's novellas:

Lower Myths by Eliza Victoria

Who is Eliza Victoria? Well, she's one of our prolific writer/poets. You can check her bibliography here.

The other is the eBook of one of the country's most talented comic creators, Manix Abrera:

3/12 by Manix Abrera

3/12 is a sampler of Abrera's graphic novel ,12. It's currently available for free for the Kindle.

Abrera usually writes in Filipino, but for 12, the entire comic uses a "silent comic" motif. You can read a review of the book from Andrew Wheeler. (I wasn't working for my current employer back then so who knew?)

And just in case you want to purchase the entire graphic novel:

12 by Manix Abrera

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