Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'm normally selfish, arrogant, needy, and self-centered, but today's a special day, so here's twenty-nine independent publishers (along with an image of a book from the said publisher which may or may not interest you). Why indie publishers? Well, recently there was the World SF Travel Fund and it was the indie publishers (along with you readers, of course) which made it possible. Without further ado, in alphabetical order:

Angry Robot Books
Apex Book Company
Aqueduct Press

Ash-Tree Press

Book View Cafe
Cheeky Frawg Books

ChiZine Publications

Chomu Press
Circlet Press
Dark Horse

Golden Gryphon Press


Lethe Press
 Night Shade Books

Norilana Books
Papaveria Press
 Panverse Publishing

Planet Stories

Prime Books

PS Publishing

Senses Five Press

Solaris Books
Small Beer Press
Tachyon Publications

Tartarus Press
 Ticonderoga Publications

Twelfth Planet Press

Underland Press

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