Friday, December 03, 2010

2011 Speculative Fiction Anthologies Database

Hi! I'm looking to crowdsource 2011's speculative fiction anthologies so if you know any anthologies that will be published in 2011, kindly fill up the this form. You can see the results here.


Anonymous said...

Is this only for anthologies that are exclusively speculative fiction, or are anthologies that include some speculative fiction stories okay too?

Charles said...

When in doubt, include the latter.

Bryan Thomas said...

Cyberwizard bought a story from me for "Wicked Weeds" which comes out in December, edited by Jaleta Clegg. Also, "OF Fur and Fire" is already out from DreamZion. I know Jennifer Brozek is editing "Space Tramps" for Flying Pen Press as I am editing the follow up volume which comes out in April 2012. I will note any others I come across which you might not already know about.