Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Plug: Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler (Part 2)

Anyway, I just want to take the time to plug the Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler.

I want to thank those who've been spreading the word as of late, especially BoingBoing. Nothing beats getting BoingBoing'ed (save perhaps getting plugged by Neil Gaiman). The site's also been mentioned in the likes of SF Signal, Futurismic, J.M. McDermott, Techotic, Quasar Dragon, Planet X, and the SF Commonwealth in Taiwan (in Chinese).

Those interested in the viral process can refer to this flowchart: J.M. McDermott --> SF Signal --> Futurismic --> BoingBoing --> everyone else.

On a side note, as many hits the site is getting I also hope you can take the time to read the stories (well, obviously, not NOW as the sampler is around 54,000 words and it's not really something you can read in one sitting). Khavn's "The Family That Eats Soil" is one of the shorter ones and doesn't take much time to read. The rest though you'll need to set aside some time to go through but hopefully you get around to doing so.

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