Monday, September 18, 2006

Stupid Things

Occassionally, I have an urge to do stupid things, such as walking all the way from Intramuros to the CCP complex. And when I actually do them, I console myself with the fact that life would be less interesting if I didn't.


estelle said...

you're not the only one. i have those urges too. i love walking just as long as it's not raining (i hate wet roads, which causes wet edges of pants). several favorite memories of mine include walking + good conversation. some of my worst memories include almost getting run over because of doing so, but it's all good.

oh look, my comment is longer than your post. i'll shut up now :p

banzai cat said...

Oy. In this hot weather? Has the sun fried your brains? Geez. I actually also like walking but not when it makes it excruciatingly so.

Charles said...

But I love hearing about you Estelle. Well, considering there's not much to read in your blog, hehehe. =)