Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sixteen (Fifteen) Floors Up

Here's a virtual tour of the office stairwell.

Obviously, we start with the ground floor.

Three flights up, the fourth floor is home to the building's parking lot. Also the foulest floor because of all the engine smoke.

The 7th floor is where everyone eventually drops by. It's where the administration is located, as well as the cafeteria.

The twelfth floor is special to me (aside from the semi-dim lighting) because it seems as if getting to the fourteenth floor is faster.

Did I skip a floor? Well, I haven't found the thirteenth floor yet, so...

And this is where I get off.


banzai cat said...

I see you were bored climbing up the stairs. Was the elevator busted? ;-)

Charles said...

What are elevators? Are they like stairs?