Friday, June 13, 2008

Post-Independence Day Plug

One of the conceits of the film Independence Day is that America--and by extension, the world--won its independence from aliens on that particular holiday.

Well, yesterday was the Philippines's Independence Day (although the holiday was moved to the previous Monday so that people can enjoy a three-day weekend). After the celebration, the zombies came.

It's been raining as of late and whenever I'd pass a street or pothole, it would be quite wet. Today, it's wet all right but not due to the rain. There's also some difficulty navigating through the streets as they're either littered with parts unmentionable or cordoned off by the various traffic enforcers.

When I was four, I remember tanks parading Edsa, commemorating the recently-concluded Edsa Revolution. The tanks are currently stationed at Edsa but civilians don't get to touch them. Instead, they're surrounded by platoons, and snipers are probably hidden in the MRT's railways.

I have a fashion photo shoot later for work. Hopefully the photo doesn't turn out like this:

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