Monday, November 27, 2006

Random Stories

It's Monday and it seems so many stuff has happened over the weekend but I had to cope with a stiff neck. So that's news for you.

My boss is finally back, and the World Battle of the Bands held in Hong Kong is over, so it should be an interesting week (read: work!) on how it's going to affect us.

Late Saturday evening, I suddenly receive this phone call from one of my classmates in high school saying that there's this alumni homecoming and I should hop right over to Xavier. Except you know, I was dealing with a stiff neck and I was in Pasig. Of course now waking up and doing the math, I graduated in 2000 and if homecomings are supposed to be held every four years, the batch is supposed to reunite on 2008, not 2006.

Friday was another Pulp photo shoot and involved a visit to Victoria Court. Of course the female staff didn't want to be seen entering the place, while I had to run back and forth between the office in Ortigas (near Tektite) and the shoot location on foot because of miscellaneous duties that needed to be done.

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The LG Shop said...

Or you could count from the year you entered high school, which is '96.

My high school batch was also trying to arrange some sort of get together this year, but I doubt it's going to push through.